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Voices of Happy Customers

Mike a personal note of huge thanks. This 149 writes like a dream! Your magic and reputation has continued to prove itself over and over. I am thrilled to have this old beauty shine again thanks to you.
Douglas W. / Fort Worth, TX
I've been writing for over a month with the two pens you worked on for me. Thank you so much for your excellent work. I received the Montblanc some 14 years ago, and I used it perhaps three or four times in all those years, as it was scratchy and laid down too much ink. It is a pleasure to write with now. The Pelikan had always flooded the page with ink and was also somewhat scratchy. It now writes perfectly.  Additionally, your grinding the nibs to an italic point provided precisely the effect I wanted.
Beth I.
Got the Montegrappa Black Bamboo back that Bryant sent in for me. What a fantastic improvement! It went from a skipping, dry, stingy B to a stubbish B with generous flow comparable to my Montblanc Bs. It’s now a daily writer with the MBs.
Thanks for bringing joy to my writing! I thank you and my pens thank you.
Rick B.
I have received my brown wooden fountain pen in which you fashioned what I call a platypus snout nib. I am pleased. It writes as I would have hoped and at such a reasonable price.
Let me tell you that when I opened it, it was a blast from the past. You see, many, many years ago, I received a fountain pen as a gift from a very good (since then deceased) friend. Over time, for whatever reason, the nib found itself shaped like a platypus snout (probably me grinding away at it with 2000 grit sandpaper). Eventually, with daily use and age, the pen barrel cracked and I had to retire it..., along with my friend.
However, I have since then had a vision of fashioning a nib to replicate that old one that I loved so much..., as I did my friend. And, voilà, you did it!
So, not only does it look just like my old nib and write like my old nib..., but my friend is here in the room, as I write.
Thank you!!!
Jeremy S.
Well you probably don't know me even though you have tuned/adjusted half a dozen of my pens through Bryant. You especially fixed a pesky grey Wall St LE after a couple of goes. I just wanted to say that you recently "stubbed" a Broad nibbed Black Ripple at the DC show for Bryant. That pen has come to me and it is an absolute dream. It writes silky smooth and has wonderful line variation. In addition it feels as though it wants to be "driven" more so than my other Viscontis or other pens. It wants me to put some pressure down on it and really write- It is a terrific relationship between me and this pen which would never have been possible without your help. So thank you very much.
Alejandro GB
The Nettuno arrived this afternoon, and I have been testing it intensively. I wrote several pages non-stop, and the pen did not skip a bit. It has been working flawlessly and smoothly. All I can add is: EXCELLENT! You are a true genius. I am very pleased. This went beyond my expectations. The pen works well with both, Waterman and Pelikan inks. Later I will try with Private Reserve.
I will write to Ron immediately to let him know about how satisfied I am. Thank you very much. I was a little skeptical about this pen but you changed my mind.
Lee C.
Received the S.T. Dupont Chairman pens today. Two of my most cherished in my collection, both now write as if writing on glass and provide an amazing writing experience. Stunning! While neither pens were new when I acquired them, I’m certain you’ve brought out the best in them. You’re a true artist! Thank you.
Christopher J.
I wanted to let you know I received my pens. I have not tried all of them out yet (I'm waiting on some new ink I ordered), but I have used the Parker 100 and the MB 149. All I can say is "Wow." I had given up on the 100 several years ago, but both are performing beyond the expectations I had. I would like to write a proper testimonial for your site once I have tried the Duofolds; however, I wanted you to know that I appreciate your service. At some point in the future, I may decide to send some of the others in my collection for your handiwork, but right now, I am very happy to have my flagship pens back. Thank you again.
John H. / WI
I am writing to thank you for the exceptional work that you did on my fountain pens. I sent to you 15 pens needing everything from nib tuning to custom grinds and you returned back to me 15 works of art. I am deeply impressed with the quality of your craftsmanship and I very much appreciated how you remained in contact with me throughout the entire process. You were even able to resolve a nib problem which no one else could remedy.
John E. B.
I have had 2 pens worked by big Mike. I am very, very impressed and very happy. I highly recommend his services. In fact, I am now sending him more pens to be worked on. Thanks Big Mike.