Voices of Happy Customers

Wow! I received my emerald Sailor Magellan in the mail on Saturday. This is the one on which you filed down the point and restricted the ink flow. It is wonderful! I have written with nothing else this entire weekend, and I write profusely as I homeschool and run a homeschool co-op with 11 students. I have another one of these same pens, only this one is blue. I am going to mail it to you, either today or some time this week, and I would like to have the exact same thing done to it. Thank you,
- Laura / Sailor Magellan Extra Fine ground down to Ultra Fine

Hello Mike,
I haven't used all of the pens as yet, but so far, the one's that I have tried are perfect. I've used the Delta, the Visconti and the Conklin and I am really pleased with their performance. The ink flow seems just right, there are no start-up problems, and they do not skip after extended use. They have been a pleasure to use. I really want to thank you for your wonderful work. I will let you know how the other pens perform as I try them, but I have no doubt that they will be just what I like. Again, many thanks and I will be in touch.
- Nick / Delta, Visco nti, Conklin

Greetings Mike,
I’ve been rather busy so it’s not until just now that I could really write to you and address the pen you worked on for me.
I am a big fan of Conway Stewart pens – both vintage and modern – and have a very nice collection of each. I sent you a Conway Stewart Duro SE (made for Farney’s) that had an extra-fine nib on it. I would describe that nib, which had been modified from a fine nib by another individual, as writing with a super sharp nail. The nib, for me, had no flex and it felt as if it would pierce the paper on which I was writing at any given time. It was a sharp, scratchy, and unforgiving nib as far as I was concerned. It just ruined a fine writing instrument. You replaced this nib with a Conway Stewart Duro sized fine nib and you adjusted the ink feed system and flow of ink so that not only does the nib have perfect ink flow, after 5 days of not writing with the pen I picked it up and the moment the nib touched paper it was writing. I could not have asked for a more perfect nib nor a more perfect job done to the nib. On top of it all, the nib flows across the page and has just the right amount of flex. All-in-all, I would have to say this was a job done by a master.
I also thank you for your communication about how I want t nib. Throughout every stage of the transaction, you were profession, considerate, and made me feel as if you knew exactly what I wanted – which is what you gave me. I could not have been more pleased with the job you did, the fast turn-around time, and the more than fair price I paid.
Thank you, Mike. You’ve won all of my business. Peace,
-Mark / Conway Stewart Duro

Hi Michael:
The pen arrived safely and works beautifully. Thank you! You will get my business from now on. Very best,
- Chip / Parker 51 Fountain Pen

Thanks so very much for the work you did for me on my Conway Stewart nib this morning at TOPs' pen fair. I wrote 3 pages in my journal this afternoon, and it did not miss a beat. It's silky smooth, as well. Sincerely,
- Allan / Conway Stewart Nelson

Hi Mike,
Just wanted to tell you the pen now writes better than I ever hoped and I’m in love with it all over again. Thanks very much.
- Glenn / Sailor King of Pen with King Eagle nib

EUREKA!!!! The nib is exactly perfect. The line, and the line variation, is just what I was looking for. The pen writes first time, every time.
Thank you for the time you took to adjust this pen, and your obvious pride in the quality of your craftsmanship. Best wishes,
- Gary / Tibaldi Model 60

The pens arrived today. The Mont Blanc is WONDERFUL! I finally have a MB 149 that suits my writing personality. They are wonderful pens and an ideal size for my old hands, but they have always been "Almost OK" until now. Thank you very much!
- Mike / Montblanc 149

Hi Michael,
I got the pens back today, everything looks great. I love the italic you made. The line variation is wonderful, but it's super smooth. That Parker Sonnet is now a wonderful writer with either nib. Thank you!
- Jessie / Parker Sonnet

Thank you Michael....the pen is excellent...what I was trying to achieve. I'm sure we'll be in touch again.
- George / Sailor 1911 Music ground to Classic Italic nib

Just received the King-of-Pen and I am very, very pleased. Writes like a charm, smooth, etc. And you took better care of it than I did- good packaging. Thanks again.
- Tony / Sailor King of Pen (bent nib repair)

Hi Michael!
Just wanted to let you know that I inked the new pens, and they are wonderful! I couldn't believe how well you were able to salvage the bent nib--it's really smooth, and still remarkably fine, especially considering what it's been through! Thank you SO much!!!
Thanks again for everything! You can be sure you'll hear from me again (and I've been recommending you to my friends!)! Take care!
- Peggy / Sensa FP Custom ground Ultra Fine and bent repair

The pen arrived this afternoon and I am overjoyed with it. I filled it immediately and it is superb. Just enough wetness and flexibility for me -- it will surely join my group of first choice user pens. Many, many thanks. I hope to send more work your way in the future. All the best.
- Robert / Soennecken 333

I got the Perla today. Thank You. It's great! I love the flow, and the width of the line is perfect. It's even a touch smoother than it was, which I really like. I am going to do a review of the Perlas (I have four of them and am a fan of them) on the Fountain Pen Network website in the next few weeks when I have some time. Would you mind if I mentioned your good work in the review?
Thanks again,
One happy customer,
Kirk / Ancora Perla

Dear Michael,
Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my pens. I have had a chance to use them and I am delighted with your work.
- Gordon / Ancora Vesvio, Delta 365

Mike I got the Stipula Cognac. It writes pretty much like a fine point and writes well. Thank you. You have done a nice jobs on my pens. If you want to quote me on your web site, you have my permission. Happy holidays.
- Thomas / Stipula 22

You are a wizard, sir!
The pen arrived today, and I inked it up to try the RF nib. You nailed it. The nib is fine enough, but not overly so, and the ink flow is well suited for the way I use the pen. I'm completely happy with the work! I will switch to the EF at my next ink fill, which may be a while, and will let you know how it fares. You've definitely earned my repeat business. Now I just have to decide if I'm going to send you all of my other pens now, or do it over time!
Thank you very much for the fine work! You've made my best pens even better.
- George / Dani Trio Densho

Dear Michael,
I knew just from talking to you that there was no cause for concern in sending you two prized pens like this, but the pleasure in inking them up and trying them for the first time just now was beyond anything I had anticipated. Clearly, you are a master...I filled the Wahl with Diamine Indigo, which has a vintage feel to it (with some shading), and it's just the ticket. In the Pilot I put Sailor Jentle blue/black, which is also just right--and useful now that we're in the rainy season here. It holds up against water even though not completely water resistant. The pen now writes better than the new one I tried in the stationery store (mine came from Japan). On Monday or Wednesday I'll send you another package of pens to work on, including some of the ones we talked about.
- Robert / Wahl, Pilot Custom

Dunhill received and it writes flawlessly! Very smooth - just as I had envisioned; the line is perfect.
- Eric / Dunhill Sidecar

Michael... The Sailor made it home without incident. Inked it up immediately... fabulous job! Thanks, so much, for bringing the nib back to its full glory. I forgot just how nice it is. I dropped it about a year ago and sort of set aside knowing I'd have to get it fixed at some point. When I saw your background, I figured you'd be the perfect one to make it right.
You have exceeded my expectation. Thanks for the great service.
Robert / Sailor 1911 Music nib

Hi, Michael!
The Sheaffer Legacy arrived today. Thanks for your great, prompt service. The pen writes beautifully! Smooth, wet... just as I like!
Thanks again,
John / Sheaffer Legacy

Dear Michael,
Received the Delta yesterday and it writes great! Just the way I like it. Thanks for your good work.
Bill / Delta 366

Got the pen. WOW!!! It is a great writer. I might be sending the other pen like this one in the future when I get a couple of extra bucks. Thank you for a job well done. May 2008 be a wonderful year for you.
- Albert / Chinese Fountain Pen

OK, I couldn't resist. I tried the CS 475 before going back to work. Fantastic! Before, I couldn't even tell that it was a flex nib. I really like the look of that pen, and now it writes beautifully.
- Robert / Conway Stewart 475

Conway Stewart arrived today, safe and sound. And boy, does it write. FINALLY! You did a terrific job, and I will be more than happy to promote your good works. When anyone tells me they have a nib problem....you be de man! Thanks so much!!
- Jon / Conway Stewart Churchill

Hello Michael,
I cannot thank you enough. I received the pens the other day, and haven't put the Conway Stewart down yet. It writes, doesn't skip, and doesn't stop. For the next ones I send, a little less flow, i think. I use 3x5 cards quite often, and they aren't the best quality paper as you're no doubt aware. Your services are exemplary, and oh, so much faster than the other folks out there. I'm VERY glad I found you, and now I'm going to start going through the rest of my pens...
- John / Conway Stewart Limited Edition

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