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Nib Repair and Adjustment

Welcome to Mike It Work!

I am proud to offer my nib repair and adjustment services to all fountain pen lovers. I have 23 years of experience with Sailor. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work extensively with "the god of fountain pens" Mr. Nagahara and his son. I learned from them the various subtle causes for a pen to lose its true smooth writing. As for the nib adjustment techniques, I learned directly from one of the most respected Japanese "pen-doctors," Mr. Kawaguchi. In recent years, I have worked as a distributor for companies such as Ancora, Conway Stewart, Sailor, and Stipula. I have extensive experience making repairs and adjustments for any brand fountain pens both modern and vintage, especially those by the aforementioned companies and also those by Conklin, Delta, Ferrari da Varese, Platinum, and Visconti. I hope that my experiences and skills with fountain pens will be able to benefit you.

General Adjustment

Adjust the nib, tines, and feeder, and fix the pen point so as to bring out the pen's true potential. Any adjustment will require a combination of the above. An estimate will be provided if more extensive work than described is deemed necessary.

Nib Modification

grind down
Grind down
Grind existing point down to any desired point size: B to M, Medium Fine, F, Extra Fine.
stub pt
Grind existing 3B, 2B, B, or M point to square shape point for great line variation with great smoothness for daily use.
cursive italic
Oblique (left-footed, right-footed), cursive, or formal. Grind existing 3B, 2B, B, M, or F point to square point with sharper edge for crispy line variation.
rnci pt
Rounded Nose Cursive Italic - this is an extreme version of cursive italic. Requires starting from M or B. Often produces 0.5mm wide up/down stroke with fair amount of line variation. Consider this as a very forgiving Fine Italic point.
japanese extra-fine
Special Grind
Japanese Fine (0.3mm), Japanese Extra Fine/Needlepoint (0.2mm), Architect/Hebrew point, Naginata-Togi point (requires at least B), Saibi-Togi point (requires M or B). Adding flex - normally needlepoint + added flex for Spencerian script writing (14kt gold nibs only).
bladder replacement
Other services
Ink bladder replacement for lever, button, Vacumatic filler pens.

Price Guide

Service Price
Non-refundable service charge* $20/batch ($10 for local dropoff + pickup)
Shipping insurance Available separately
General adjustment $30
Straightening $40~ (quote upon examination)
Nib modification $50 ($60~70 for "special grinds")
*Non-refundable service charge will cover inspection, handling, and return shipping within USA. For shipments within the USA, I will return your pen by US Postal Service Priority Mail with signature confirmation. If you would like insurance on the return shipment, it is available at additional cost. If shipping internationally, the $20 service charge is waived and there will be a $10 handling charge plus actual shipping postage. I normally ship by "International Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box". For shipping insurance and other shipment options (Express Mail, FedEx, UPS, etc.), please contact me.
NOTE: Please limit single orders to a maximum of five pens. Additional pens can be sent as a new order after the first batch is returned.
Customers have had good results shipping their pens to Mike-It-Work with USPS Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation. For valuable pens, please consider insurance. If sending by FedEx or UPS, please send as "Signature Required" - Mike-It-Work is run out of a private home, but I cannot guarantee boxes that are left at my door during my absence.
Payment: Paypal request will be sent once the work has been completed. If you prefer not to use online payment for security reasons, sending a check/postal money order in mail is accepted. Do not send a check with your order - please wait until the total amount is finalized.